California Mayor Blows Off Veterans Day to Stand With Occupiers


Veterans Day events are traditionally held at the 11th hour of the 11th day, in tribute to the end of World War I.  Naturally the “Occupy” goons in Richmond, California decided to schedule a “speak out” at this exact hour.   Remember, they’re patriotic Americans, just like Richmond mayor Gayle McLaughlin, who chose to blow off a Veterans Day celebration to attend the Occupy rally.

As reported by the Mercury News:

Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin will skip a Veterans Day memorial to attend an Occupy rally, a decision that is drawing criticism.

Chevron and the Richmond Museum Association are sponsoring a Veterans Day salute Friday featuring a re-enactment of the launch of a World War II-era ship at the Richmond shipyards.

McLaughlin noted that the city is not sponsoring the event, and said that the Occupy rally will honor Scott Olsen, the Iraq War veteran injured while protesting with Occupy Oakland.

“I choose to honor our veterans, not only on Veteran’s Day, but daily, by supporting an end to military warfare to prevent further fighting and dying in needless wars,” McLaughlin wrote in an email. “I am a strong supporter of Veterans for Peace and Iraq Vets Against the War.”

Aww, isn’t that sweet!  She’s a regular Yankee Doodle Dandy!  Except on Veterans Day, when she stands with totalitarian socialists and anarchists.  That’s why it’s important for her to spend the eleventh hour of the eleventh day in solidarity with the people who started a violent riot, and blame the cops for the resulting injuries.  You don’t suppose any of the Oakland cops are military vets, do you?

For some reason, local veterans groups were not impressed by the Mayor’s highly nuanced brand of patriotism:

Jeff Rubin, who organizes Pinole’s Veterans Day memorial, denounced McLaughlin’s choice and criticized an email blast she sent over the weekend urging residents to attend the rally with her.

“She has very little respect for the country and traditions,” Rubin said. “Everything with her is political. I think the day was picked on purpose.”

McLaughlin did not call the rally and does not know why organizers chose the date. Rubin notes that she is closely associated with the Richmond Progressive Alliance, which organized the event with a coalition of local activists.

“As mayor, she has a responsibility to everyone in our community,” Rubin said. “Not only the disenfranchised and the unemployed, but to the veterans as well.”

Michael Klasno, director of Gold Star Dads of America, said that McLaughlin’s actions are a “slap in the face” to veterans and to grieving parents like himself.

“You don’t blow off the veterans of the United States for anybody, and you certainly don’t blow if off for Occupy Wall Street,” he said. “As somebody who’s paid the ultimate sacrifice, that to me is beyond the pale.”

Before you go blaming McLaughlin’s disgraceful actions on the Democrat Party, you should know that she isn’t a Democrat.  Shame on you for thinking that!  No, she’s a member of the Green Party, which is headed by Van Jones – the avowed communist and “9/11 Truth” parakeet Barack Obama tried to install as his “green czar.”   



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