Free Wi-Fi, VIP Treatment, and a $50 Abortion Discount (Sundays Only)

The culture of death is not static.  Rather, it constantly permeates those who partake in it, and especially those who promote it.  Because of this, the lucid observer can see a continual degradation of human value and a shameless promotion of death-for-hire by abortionists who openly practice in the light what past generations would have done only in the dark of night (if they did it at all).
For example, in Florida, the Orlando Women’s Center (OWC) is currently offering a special $50 discount for abortions performed on Sundays.  (Pay attention, folks, the price of killing our preborn children just got cheaper.)  And in case the expecting mother would like to surf the Web before or shortly after her preborn child is killed, this same women’s center is “pleased to announce that [it is] now offering Free Wi-Fi at [the] Orlando Women’s Center.”
Ain’t that great?  Now mothers who want to have their preborn children killed can do so without fear of missing out on the score of the big football game, their latest updates on Facebook, or the most up-to-date news coverage available from
This convolution is a direct result of what the culture of death has done to the minds of many 21st century Americans.  Those thus impacted seemingly have no compunction over running ads for discounted abortions and free Wi-Fi together as if they were a mom-and-pop store advertising “buy one, get one free” DVDs and free coffee.
And to make it all the more sickening and surreal, the OWC actually advertises a way for women to get around late-term abortion laws, so that now, even women who’ve carried their babies nearly to term can take advantage of the Sunday special and surf the Internet on a laptop while in the clinic.
Currently, Florida law prevents an abortion after 24 weeks if there’s a heartbeat.  So the OWC’s solution is to get rid of the heartbeat.
I’m not kidding.  Near the top of the OWC home page is a link on which women can click that reads:  “Greater than 24 weeks Pregnant?  Please click here.”  When women click on it, the site opens, which informs women that they can fly to a covert clinic in Washington, D.C., and have their baby’s heart stopped so that they can then fly back to their home states and have the murdered child aborted.  (FYI— doesn’t call it “murder.”  Rather, they refer to it as an “intra-cardiac injection of medication into the fetal heart” that stops the heartbeat so that the mother can return “to her private physician to complete the induction of labor with delivery of the fetus.”)
By the way, actually describes its “compassionate” intervention to stop a “fetal heart beat” as a “much-needed service.”  Moreover, it readily admits it is not more widely available due to “moral values” (as in, the moral values of the majority of the American people).
This isn’t compassionate, nor is it a much-needed service.  It is murder by another name.  And it’s advertised shamelessly because the culture of death teaches its perpetrators not to think.