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"You've got to have a president, first, who's committed to securing the border."


Rick Perry on Federalism and Immigration

“You’ve got to have a president, first, who’s committed to securing the border.”

When Governor Perry and I sat down last week in Orange County, CA, I wanted to drill down on two areas of interest for conservative voters.

First, in his book Fed Up!, Governor Perry repeatedly returned to the idea of federalism, but few people have really explored that with him.  This transitioned into some questions on immigration, his views on amnesty, and what role the states have to play in immigration laws with do-nothings in Washington.

Editor’s note: Watch Part One and Part Two of Erick’s interview with Gov. Perry.

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Erick Erickson is the Editor-in-Chief of RedState. His RedState Morning Briefing stays ahead of competition by delivering breaking news at 5AM every weekday to an audience that includes everyone from grassroots activists to talk radio hosts, television pundits, and print journalists. Erickson also appears regularly as a contributor on Fox News and has a nightly radio program on WSB in Atlanta.

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