Trump Gets Tough on the Media

The great American entrepreneur, Donald J. Trump, is working on a new book titled Time To Get Tough, published by HUMAN EVENTS sister company, Regnery. In the book, Trump provides the blueprint “to bring America back and making it number one again.”

He also offers interesting stories in the book, one being the infamous White House Correspondents Dinner.

At the height of the speculation of a Trump presidential run, the media was abuzz, wondering if President Obama would talk about Trump. The President did just that, even unveiling a picture of what the White House would look like if Trump was the Commander-in-Chief.

As Trump says in the video below, he had a great time, and thought the President’s jokes were funny. The next day, however, the media took it upon itself to say that the Donald was humiliated and hated the night. Trump has a response to the outlandish media response the day after! Take a look!