Police Suspect Portland Occupiers in Firebombing (UPDATED)

The “Occupy” crime wave continues to spread across the nation. Most reports are largely ignored by the mainstream media, which is no suprise since they and the Democratic Party have fully embraced and support this criminal movement.

One of the worst encampments is in Portland, Oregon, and last night a Molotov cocktail was set off in a downtown building, with police zeroing in on the obvious suspects.

Police said a Molotov cocktail was set off in an exterior stairwell at the World Trade Center in downtown Portland tonight, and they believe protesters at Occupy Portland might be responsible.

Someone called 9-1-1 to report the incident about 9:10 p.m., said Lt. Robert King, a spokesman for the Portland Police Bureau. No one was hurt, but a fire caused some damage to the stairs, which are between two escalators.

“We’re very fortunate that a larger fire didn’t occur. These devices are completely unpredictable and destructive — we’re very fortunate that no one was injured,” King said.

Police have been investigating reports since Oct. 31 that a person or group of people at the downtown Occupy Portland encampment has been making or storing Molotov cocktails, King said. Detectives didn’t release the information to protect their investigation.

I guess we’ll need an act of mass murder before the Justice Department gets involved.

Earlier Tuesday an “occupier” attacked a local news crew with an endless stream of obscenties during an incoherent rant.

Warning for excessive use of F-bombs.


A citizen journalist was also threatened in Portland.

At what point do the authorities in Portland do something about this madness? Must we have innocents killed before they take action?

In the case of the firebombing, they suspected last week something was up.

Police, in a news release, say they received “unconfirmed information” way back on October 31 that an unknown occupier might be building or storing the incendiary devices. Emails obtained by the Mercury yesterday, in fact, show the bureau was prepared to go public with that information as early as November 3 but decided against it, apparently at the behest of investigators. The release that the bureau drafted then, interestingly, looks much like the one they sent tonight. Would more information have turned up sooner, before an attack, if those concerns had been announced?

Here’s the memo:

Perhaps we can call those tip lines and report the criminal element has overrun the city of Portland.

Update: Portland Mayor Sam Adams, while clearly hesitant to do anything about it, says the perp returned to the Occupy Portland encampment.

The local small business council says it’s time for the fleabaggers to go.