Occupy DC Riots at Americans For Prosperity Event


On Friday night, the “Occupy DC” rabble attacked the Washington Convention Center, where conservative group Americans For Prosperity was holding its “Defending the American Dream” summit.  They started out by protesting outside, which is fair enough, but later they tried to storm the building, apparently driven mad with rage by the presence of the Koch Brothers at the event. 

As recounted by the Blaze, which has posted many photos and videos of the incident, the mob used trash cans and garbage bins to block the exits.  Among other achievements, the “liberal Tea Party” managed to keep a woman in a wheelchair from escaping.  Three Occupiers, described by the UK Telegraph as “a lesbian couple and their 13-year-old son,” jumped in front of a moving car that was lawfully proceeding through a green light outside of the convention center.

When security guards tried to clear the exits, the mob turned violent.  Chanting “This is what democracy looks like!” (and therefore delivering the most scathing critique of democracy heard on American soil since the Founders wisely opted for a republic) they forced their way into the building, and shoved 78-year-old summit attendee Dolores Broderson down a flight of stairs.

The UK Telegraph has some more details about the incident America’s liberal media outlets are studiously pretending they didn’t notice:

The incident happened when angry anti-capitalist protesters laid siege to a dinner held in honour of President Ronald Reagan by the Americans for Prosperity group, which is closely aligned with the anti-tax, small government Tea Party movement.

Hundreds of protesters affiliated with Occupy DC shut down streets on Friday night near the Washington convention centre, where Americans for Prosperity was holding its annual conference. That day, the conference was addressed by the leading republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Herman Cain.

Dolores Broderick, 78, had taken an 11-hour bus journey from Detroit to attend the Americans for Prosperity conference, according to a friend who emailed the Instapundit blog. Video footage showed her being helped by police as she lay dazed on the floor.

She was said to have been discharged from hospital after she was treated for “a bloody nose and bruises on her hand and leg”.

During the melee, the Occupiers threw a couple of little kids in front of the security guards:

The Daily Caller says several AFP staffers and attendees are wondering if the slow police response to the Occupy riot was politically motivated:

Allegations that the lack of adequate police resources to deal with the protests was due to political considerations surfaced almost immediately after word spread that Washington, D.C., 911 operators apparently hung up on Americans For Prosperity event organizers this weekend.

[…] AFP organizers had tried to call 911 at least four times asking for more police help, but they say the 911 operators hung up on them.

The officers outside the Convention Center, at least according to the “Occupy” protesters’ victims’ accounts to The Daily Caller, weren’t much help either.

And, Washington has a Democratic mayor, Vincent Gray, who’s clearly opposed to conservative groups like Americans For Prosperity. So, those who were in the crowd that night, and some of the victims, think Gray and his local DC administration politically orchestrated the lack of police response to the violent mob of “Occupy” protesters.

Joella Kudron, one of the young AFP “Defending the American Dream” summit attendees who assisted an elderly summit attendee who was trampled by left wing Occupy protesters, said the lack of police presence looked political to her.

“After what I saw last night — you know, I only saw one person get arrested and it was because they kicked a car and damaged personal property,” Kudron told TheDC. “They didn’t go after anyone in the crowd who pushed these women down the stairs, and pushed them to fall on the ground. They didn’t stop the protesters from yelling at this woman, or from surrounding her when she was clearly in physical danger.”

Every story about rape, vandalism, and violence at the Occupy camps draws a buzzing cloud of apologists who insist these are merely hundreds of isolated incidents (or, if you’re stupid enough to take Michael Moore seriously, false-flag operations by police infiltrators designed to discredit the movement.) 

Well, this was a fascist riot designed expressly to punish a private organization and suppress its free speech.  It was a perfect expression of the above-the-law self-righteousness that created the environment where all those other “isolated incidents” broke out.  It wasn’t a “protest” – the Occupiers got tired of engaging in the arena of ideas, where they’ve been losing badly, and decided to use physical intimidation. 

This is the movement Barack Obama and the Democrat Party has embraced.  Let’s see if the intellectual dishonesty, mendacity, and willful ignorance of the apologists is big enough to stuff the Americans For Prosperity assault down the memory hole.