Increasing Paranoia Among Deranged "Occupiers"

As the so-called “occupation” movement by a rag-tag band of far-left cranks becomes increasingly violent, we’re noticing a common thread among the unhinged: Deep paranoia.

As the whole world was watching a criminal band of marauders tear up Oakland, CA, porcine provocateur Michael Moore went on television to tell us what we were watching wasn’t really happening.



Don’t believe your lying eyes, believe a Marxist propagandist. This was all the police acting like maniacs.

Police said protesters had thrown pipes, hammers, bottles, rocks and cobblestones. On Thursday, they displayed some of the items they said were seized – shields, sticks, spray-paint tanks, bottles and rocks.

Down in Zuccotti Park, the home office for these misguided miscreants, the lunacy has been stepped up a few notches. First, watch as a homeless “occupier” loses it.


So you figure the guy he got into the dust-up with would blame the man’s violent behavior on mental illness. But no, he’s not crazy, he’s a secret agent of Michael Bloomberg!

In a bizarre rant after the dust settled, Iskender told The Post that Clinch “is a police agent.”

He is a Bloomberg agent, disturbing and disrupting the protest,” said Iskender, who after the fight donned a message board that read, “USA-Turk Army Ended My Diplomatic Career 6 Times,” and also charged that “AC Tropicana Casino Robbed My $30K Pay For My Driving Job.”

Bloomberg, Iskender ranted, “does everything” and is controlling what happens at the park.

“This is Bloomberg,” he said, pointing at cops. “[The] Bloomberg police machine. [The] police state finds those guys to infiltrate, to disrupt it. That’s what Bloomberg wants.”

OK now!

Meanwhile, a sexual assault victim points the finger of blame at the NYPD after not reporting the attack for two days. Sure, that makes sense.

“I’m a perfect example of somebody who went through the process. I followed all the steps of the law, and I felt victimized by it. I felt like I was a criminal, too,” DiGioia said.

“Most of us feel the police are not here to help us at all. They are getting paid to baby-sit,” she said. “I don’t blame women for not wanting to come forward.”

Is that what the police are there for, to babysit these idiots? They’re there to help these people?

Bloomberg is finally starting to get it.

But the mayor said the demonstrators are endangering the city by failing to report crimes and behaving like vigilantes.

“Instead of calling the police, they form a circle around the perpetrator, chastise him or her and chase him or her out into the rest of the city – to do who knows what to who knows whom,” Bloomberg said.

“It is despicable,” he said. “I think it is outrageous and it really allows the criminal to strike again making all of us less safe.”

Back in Oakland, out of the ashes rises a story of true American patriotism, a man defending himself and his property from the vicious animals.

Oakland developer Phil Tagami is used to working behind the scenes to broker some of the biggest deals in town. Late Wednesday, he was using different persuasive skills – holding a loaded shotgun to scare away rioters trying to get into a downtown building.

“We had people who attempted to break into our building,” the landmark Rotunda Building on Frank Ogawa Plaza outside City Hall, Tagami said Thursday. He grabbed a shotgun that he usually keeps at home, went down to the ground floor and “discouraged them,” he said.

“I was standing there and they saw me there, and I lifted it – I didn’t point it – I just held it in my hands,” Tagami said. “And I just racked it, and they ran.”

Stand up to the  punks and they run like scared little children. Nothing but a bunch of gutless cowards. Still, expect increased violence as this Obama-endorsed movement continues to unravel.

The ListenLogic Social Listening Intelligence Center (SLIC) today elevated the ‘Occupy’ threat advisory level for large U.S. corporations to “High” for the upcoming November 5th weekend. Ongoing ListenLogic analysis of several million online posts has identified a significant increase in support for key Occupy events during the November 5th weekend, as well as increases in:

Threats made by protesters, with a 25% increase during the past week alone; of the threats, nearly 70% target police. The other most commonly targeted groups include: politicians (10%), corporate executives (8%), and reporters (3%).

We’re already seeing threats to politicians, but it’s only to Republicans, so don’t expect much attention paid to it.

A Tennessee man was arrested Wednesday and charged with making threats against Rep. Eric Cantor’s family. Glendon Llewellyn Swift, 62, of Lenoir City, was charged with threatening to assault or murder a member of the immediate family of a U.S. official, according to the United States Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of Virginia.

Court documents state that a man left two voicemail messages with Cantor’s Glen Allen office on Oct. 27. One of the messages “was laden with the screaming and ranting of profanities,” and the caller stated that he was going to “destroy” Cantor, rape his daughter and kill his wife, according to an affidavit and news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office. The message also included anti-Semitic remarks, according to the affidavit.

Charming. I blame the Democrats and the “occupiers” for fostering this climate of hate.