Watch Antoine Dodson Rap on Biden's Rape-Remark Runaround

A couple of weeks ago Vice President Joe Biden announced to crowds across the country that if Obama’s half-a-trillion-dollar jobs bill doesn’t pass that rapes will go up.  I believe Biden also said that “birds’ heads will fall off” and “we’ll all be forced to drink spider monkey urine while riding ponies backward” … or something to that effect.  I can’t remember exactly, because while he was speaking I was yawning so hard and so often that I couldn’t hear him clearly.

I guess Jason Mattera, of Obama Zombies fame, also saw the same Biden speech that I did, and wanted to know whether the vice president of the United States indeed stated that rapes would soar if Congress didn’t pass BHO’s bloated bill.

Well, the rest is history, ladies and gents.  Jason, with cameras in tow, ambushed Biden and asked the vociferous veep if he did volley those specious invectives at us cattle of Obamaland.  In true Biden fashion, Joe both denied that he that did and threatened Mattera not to screw with him, in one fell swoop.

Yes, folks, bold Biden danced.  And for that vice presidential bebop and scat we present to you Joe Biden & Antoine Dodson’s “They’re Raping Everybody!” video.  Enjoy.