Can Herman Cain Weather This Storm?

Herman Cain’s name recognition will increase even more as past allegations of inappropriate behavior while he was at the helm of the National Restaurant Association dominate and saturate the media landscape in the coming days and weeks. The question is as his name identification increases, will his positive intensity score plummet as these allegations of misconduct threaten to undercut what has henceforth been his greatest strength — his affability.

According to Gallup’s weekly tracking survey, Cain is now recognized by 80 percent of those surveyed. Further, his positive intensity score, which is measured by subtracting a candidate’s “strongly negative” score from one’s “strongly favorable” score, was at 29, which led all Republican candidates.

But consider these two revelations that will add more life — and drama — to this story.

The New York Times reported that the woman in question received severance pay of $35,000, which constituted a year’s salary and The Washington Post reported that the woman in question wants out of the confidentiality agreement so she can tell her alleged side of the story.

And on FOX News, Cain called these stories a “witch hunt” and said that the liberal and mainstream establishment were motivated by his race while noting that he did not have concrete and tangible evidence for that belief.

Further, A SuperPAC associated with Cain sent out a fundraising letter that equated this saga to a “high-tech lynching.”

As Cain’s supporters rallied to his defense, the Cain Campaign noted it raised more than a quarter of a million dollars online and his top operative in Iowa, Steve Grubbs, took to twitter to note that this was the “Best day of the year for the Iowa Cain campaign organization.”

Grubbs noted that the Cain campaign “Landed more precinct captains than any other single day.”

Further, Grubbs noted on Twitter that from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. last night, Cain’s official Facebook page added 5,183 new supporters, which was an average of 14.4 supporters a minute. Grubbs said this was a “Stunning growth in support.”

There is no question Cain’s name identification will increase in the next two weeks. The Cain campaign must hope his positive intensity score, however, does not fall as his name identification rises.

With the facts as they are now, early indications are that Cain may weather this storm despite some public relations blunders by his organization.