Emily Gets Her Gun

emilygunMy quest to get a legal handgun in Washington, D.C. feels daunting. I went to the D.C. Firearms Registration office two weeks ago to start the process of getting a legal gun by picking up a 22-page packet of forms and instructions. 

Since then, I’ve been overwhelmed by all that is required before I can take legal possession of a purchased gun. 

I needed to get organized, so I made a checklist of the required steps, bringing order to the complicated mess of instructions given by the city.

I’m going to work my way down this list:

1) Fill out the eligibility form and get it notarized

2) Find a D.C.-certified instructor to sign up for a firearms safety course

3) Take four hours of classroom instruction and one hour of range instruction on safety and have the instructor fill out the compliance form

4) Provide proof that my vision is okay (my driver’s license suffices, one down!)

5) Provide proof of residency (my license works, two down!)

6) Get two passport photos

7) Study D.C.’s laws and regulations for firearms (guide provided in the packet)

8) Pass a 20-question multiple choice test on No. 7

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