Rick Perry Cuts Loose In New Hampshire


On Friday night, Texas governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry gave a speech in Manchester, New Hampshire at the Cornerstone Action Annual Fundraising Dinner.  Cornerstone is a “non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving New Hampshire’s traditional values, limited government, and free markets.”  Perry decided to be non-inhibited when he addressed them.

The result has caused a bit of a stir, as related by The BlazeSome observers have been wondering if Perry was non-sober.  The Examiner went so far as to headline its account of the speech “Rick Perry Appears Drunk During Speech In New Hampshire,” and playfully notes that his awful 3.3% polling numbers in the state might “explain why he appears tipsy and giddy in his speech,” as he figured he had nothing to lose and went for broke.

An edited montage of the strangest moments from the speech appeared on YouTube, and is embedded below.  (You can also hit this link to see the full 25-minute speech at The Blaze.) 

Many observers seem to think this will hurt Perry, but I’m not so sure.  This is much closer to the way he was when I first saw him tackle a crowd.  I remember how much I enjoyed his tremendous energy and good cheer.  It was like watching a man deliver a political speech while re-enacting his favorite Jackie Chan movie.  

Maybe some reporters think he might have been drunk in New Hampshire because they’re comparing his Cornerstone appearance to his painfully stiff performances in the presidential debates.  If this is what Rick Perry is like when he doesn’t give a damn, maybe he should try giving a damn less often.



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