Mark Block: 'Herman Cain Never Sexually Harassed Anybody'

Mark Block, Herman Cain’s campaign manager, responded Monday to allegations of inappropriate behavior by Herman Cain towards two women while working at the National Restaurant Association, which were first reported in Politico Sunday night and threaten to dramatically alter the 2012 landscape and Cain’s front-runner status.

“First of all, Herman Cain never sexually harassed anybody,” Block said. “Period. End of story.”

Block said the only people who spoke publicly in the article are the ones who were in the best position to know and that every negative story regarding Cain has been attributed to unnamed, anonymous sources.

Block said he was “not personally aware of any cash settlement” that was made to the unnamed women and said he asked Cain personally about these allegations.

Block said Cain emphatically told him, “when there are facts, bring them to me, let me face my accusers.”

Cain is in Washington, D.C. this week, where he will speak at the American Enterprise Institute, The National Press Club, and will meet with members of Congress.

“The number one reason we are in Washington this week is for the Congressional and Senate delegations to know Mr. Cain,” Block said.

According to Block, Cain is leading in the polls because his message is resonating with voters and suggested that with an increased profile comes increased attacks to try to bring him down.

“We went into this knowing full well knowing this is a tough, tough business,” said Block, before predicting that this would not be the last crisis to face the Cain campaign as his profile increases.

Block said since Cain won Florida’s “Presidency V” Straw Poll, the campaign has doubled its staff from 32 paid employees then to 63 today. Block also said the campaign has averaged $1.25 million a week in fundraising this month.

“We are not going to change our campaign strategy,” Block said. “Keep your head down and sell tickets.”

Whether people continue to “buy tickets” to the Cain campaign or buy tickets to what some political experts refer to as the “freak show,” though, may largely be dependent on how the Cain campaign handles the media circus that is ready to be unleashed.  A circus which will only intensify if more details about the alleged women and settlements are uncovered in the near future.