Conservatives Who Back Romney Ignore Their Own Principals

Stupidity has been defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Conservatives need to quit being stupid.
Each election cycle, conservatives scream about how government is out of control, spending is out of whack, and the “moral majority” in Washington, D.C., bears no reflection on the moral majority of the country.
So why the hell do they keep voting for establishment (code word for moderate) candidates?  In Herman Cain’s words, “How’s that working out for ya?”
It makes no difference whether a President is a Republican or a Democrat if each does the same things while in office, contributing equally to the demise of our country, albeit at differing paces.
Conservative principals work, and are time-tested.  Yet we keep nominating people who are RINOs, Republicans in Name Only, at best (Bush 1 and 2) and Blue Dog Democrats at worst (McCain), all while throwing a fit when a liberal Democrat gets elected.  Candidates should not get our votes just because they won’t kill our country as quickly as the other guy.
If conservatives want this country to change direction, then they had better start voting that way.  I’m sick of having to pick my poison.  Everyone else should be too.
The idea that Mitt Romney is leading in most polls is astonishing.  To nominate Romney would be to throw away the Tea Party movement and conservative principals.  His mere consideration is an anomaly.  He is for a government mandate.  He says he isn’t in favor of ObamaCare, while he implemented it in his home state of Massachusetts.  In other words:  It’s wrong to mandate something on everyone through Washington, but if the states were to do it, then that would be totally okay with Romney.  He doesn’t seem to understand that the problem citizens have with the mandate is not the means by which it is achieved, but rather the mandate itself.
The illogic in Romney’s stance is obvious.  It’s like saying that it was wrong for FDR to intern the Japanese during Word War II, but if the states had done it individually, then it would have been okay.  Huh!?  Yet Romney is currently garnering 25% in virtually every poll.
Some view Romney as an outsider and businessman who hasn’t spent his entire life in office.  But if this candidate had his way, he would be a lifetime politician.  If lifetime politician is defined as a person who has spent his career in office, then Romney isn’t one.  But if the definition includes people who have spent a lifetime running for office, he can’t escape the branding.  He ran for Senate and lost.  He ran for governor and won, only abdicating the nomination for a second term when it became apparent that he could not win.  He ran for President in 2008, and now is running in 2012.  If this isn’t the resume of an aspiring career politician, I do not know what is.
Conservatives and the Tea Party need to be thirsty for a Washington outsider not merely because that person is from outside Washington, but because sending in the same old people and expecting different results didn’t, doesn’t and won’t work.  It satisfies the definition of stupid.
It seems as though people want to nominate whoever can stand a chance at defeating Barack Obama.  This line of thinking throws principal out the window and is destined to disappoint.
For the first time since Ronald Reagan, real conservatives are running for the presidency despite an uphill climb, and it’s time to get behind one of them for the sake of our country.  America’s future is in jeopardy.  History shows us that the backward thinking that an establishment Republican can restore us to greatness … well … that dog don’t hunt. 
If conservatives don’t wake up one day in the not-so-distant future, we will all be attending America’s funeral.  How did she die?  Death by a thousand moderates.