Occupy Wall Street Marches On the Banks


CNN reports that today is a big day for Occupy Wall Street, as they’ll be marching on the banks:

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators are scheduled to march on the offices of five major banks and financial-services firms in Manhattan on Friday, a day after a California mayor apologized for a police crackdown against demonstrators that left an Iraq war veteran hospitalized.

New York organizers say thousands of demonstrators will march to the offices of Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase.

Demonstrators have typically railed against what they describe as corporate greed, arrogance and power, as well as their assertion that the nation’s wealthiest 1% hold inordinate sway over the remaining 99% of the population.

(Emphasis mine.)  How do we fix that?  Well, we’ll have to shred the property rights of the hated 1% and use coercive force to seize and “redistribute” their wealth.  Very few people associated with the Occupy movement have thought this all the way through, or paused to reflect that such systems invariable produce a horde of rich bureaucrats working for swollen governments that don’t indulge noisy protests against their greed.

There are some Occupiers who know exactly what they’re agitating for.  Yesterday they hung a banker in effigy from a telephone wire in Miami, as reported by the UK Daily Mail:

This charming display included a mural reading “Give a Wall St banker enough rope and he will hang himself.”  Graffiti artist “Above” explained the deep thinking behind a display the media would never in a million years have described as “art” if the Tea Party had perpetrated it:

‘I tried to clothe him and dress him up as if he was what I imiagined a Wall Street banker might wear,’ Above said to MailOnline. 

He is also holding a briefcase that has a string of what looks like dollar bills.

‘It was the cherry on the top of the word play installation,’ Above continued.

‘It’s extremely shocking which is part of the point as well. I think it is really gone too far, but then again I think it’s my retaliation to how far Wall St, has gotten in general. 

‘It is shocking to me when I look at these numbers when I see that one per cent of the people have all of the money,’ he continued.

Lee Stranahan of Big Government offers video evidence that a bank assault has been in the works for a while – with the knowing participation and assistance of a New York Times “freelance reporter,” naturally:

This segment comes at about 57:30 in the full video posted by Jacobin Magazine and it shows New York Times reporter Natasha Lennard authoritatively answering a question about what comes after the park occupation ends. Watching her answer, there’s no possible way to tell she’s reporter and not a active part of the Occupy movement. You’ll note her use of the phrase ‘that’s what we need to think about’.

Then something bizarre happens as Malcom Harris takes the microphone. You’ll remember we showcased Harris on Monday discussing how Glenn Beck was correct in his analysis that Occupy wanted to ‘drag people into the streets.’ As Natasha Lennard hands the mic to Harris, he seems like a kid who can’t keep a secret. He speaks cryptically about banks and their doors while Lennard giggles like a nervous schoolgirl who knows exactly what Harris is talking about. As the vauge hints die down, the moderator seems to stop the conversation before it goes any further.

Follow this link to see the video.  It’s brimming with statesmanship.

Of course, you haven’t heard this stuff reported by a mainstream press that is still heavily invested in pretending the “Occupy” movement is the liberal Tea Party.  Just try to imagine if a clip like this had appeared in 2010, showing a Fox News journalist huddled together with guys in tricorner hats and planning sabotage.

So probably nothing to worry about today as Occupy Wall Street marches on the banks.  It will probably be a peaceful and orderly demonstration that does not interfere with the lawful operation of private businesses in any way.  In any event, if anyone gets hurt, it will be the fault of the cops who dared to interfere with the agenda of the righteous, by enforcing the civil laws they have transcended.