Journalism Professors Caught On Tape Discussing Liberal Media Strategy


James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have embarked upon a video series called “To Catch a Journalist,” in which they turn investigative journalism tactics against journalists.  The results so far have been provocative.

In Part 1, they caught a Rutgers University professor, widely quoted as an unimpeachable expert on liberal blogs, cheerfully offering to suppress a study inconvenient to labor unions.  Part 2 catches up with top journalism professors Jay Rosen and Clay Shirkey of NYU, filmed by undercover cameramen while they have… well, exactly the sort of conversation that the most aggressive conservative critics of liberal media bias have nightmares about.

There’s nothing cute, clever, or coded here.  These are prominent professors of journalism, one of whom has done consulting work for the New York Times, openly talking with their students about how the Times slants its coverage to suit the Left’s political agenda. 

They discuss the best way to help the Occupy Wall Street movement, how to smack down Republican political candidates they don’t like (especially Michele Bachmann, who they declare is both “unelectable” and “insane”) and how the Times helped get Barack Obama into the White House.

The latter conversation is actually quite interesting, as is the brutally frank discussion of what a joke National Public Radio’s tax-exempt status is.  There most certainly is a “media elite,” and they’re happy to indulge in a little back-slapping when they think they’re among friends.