Cain: Cut 10% of All Federal Agencies' Budgets

At a Tea Party rally in Alabama, which holds its primary on March 13, 2012, businessman Herman Cain retooled parts of his standard and often inspiring stump speech.

Cain said that if he were elected President, he would sign an executive order that would mandate all federal agencies cut 10 percent of their budgets across the board and would order newly appointed cabinet heads to look for another 10 percent to cut.

Cain said that when he took over Godfather’s pizza, it took 1.2 Canadian dollars to get one United States dollar. Now, Cain said, it takes $1.20 to get one Canadian dollar.

“Our money is losing value,” Cain said. “And the only way to reverse that is by bringing down the national debt, by passing balanced annual budgets.”

Can also said that under his “9-9-9” plan, which would overhaul the tax code with a nine percent tax on corporate and personal income in addition to a nine percent national sales tax, “everybody gets treated the same” except for those “at or below the poverty level.”

Americans at or below the poverty level, under Cain’s plan, would be subject to a “9-0-9” plan where they are exempt from paying any federal income tax.

Cain also said that “stupid people are running America” and ruining it and that though he may not have all the answers, he has all of the right questions, which would make him a great leader. This was most likely in response to criticisms Cain has received in recent weeks about what many have considered his lack of polish in answering questions on issues dealing with foreign policy and social issues such as abortion.

In addition, while Cain has been criticized for campaigning in places such as Alabama, Texas and Tennessee, which do not hold early nominating contests, Cain’s campaign has argued that they are planting the seeds in these later states to take advantage of the momentum they may gain coming out of the earlier ones. To do that, of course, Cain needs to have respectable showings in Iowa and New Hampshire and most likely win South Carolina.

Cain also implicitly linked the way in which experts doubt his viability and the long term prospects of America to his struggle with stage four colon cancer — a struggle he beat.

Cain said that people “gotta believe” they can take this country back just like he believed that he could beat cancer.

“The sleeping giant called ‘we the people’ has awakened, and it’s not going back to sleep,” Cain said.