Media Drones Double Back on Biden's Rape-Remarks

At least the drones in the media are now acknowledging that it is, in fact, appropriate to ask the vice president if he regrets using a rape reference to describe GOP opposition to spending another half a trillion.
That’s a start.
Previously that line of questioning was off-limits, said the self-appointed gatekeepers of news.  Heck, one noted drone at the Washington Post, Erik Wemple, went as far as to call my original question to Biden “idiotic”.
Since then, one of Wemple’s colleagues probably whispered in his ear that his own publication called Biden’s claims “absurd” and “half-baked”.  Wemple may also have heard that Biden wished his Republican colleagues were themselves the victims of sexual assault, making it increasingly hard for him to defend his beloved Uncle Joe. 
So now a few days later, Wemple calls my motivations “righteous,” adding that the questions I fired away were “excellent” and “tough.”
Not that I care what he thinks, but kudos to him for finally realizing that it’s undignified for the veep to be trivializing rape and violent crimes in an effort to pass another spending bill.
But Wemple and his pals gotta defend this administration somehow.  Thus, the new objection is focused on how I approached Biden.  Why, I asked him for a picture and then launched into a question.  How dare I!  Or as Wemple says, “Mattera did misrepresent himself.”  Ha.  Because that’s exactly how I’d describe someone wearing identifiable press credentials in a public place surrounded by hordes of other media outlets, and a Secret Service entourage to boot.  Snort.
But who are we kidding?  The libs in media don’t really care about “misrepresentation.”  As John Nolte notes on Big Journalism, what went down with Biden was “absolutely no different than what made the oh-so-legendary Mike Wallace oh-so-legendary.  When the Left uses these tactics, it’s heralded as holding power accountable and the brave pursuit of the truth.”  Heck, ABC News has a series called “What Would You Do?” in which they use actors, hidden cameras and reporters for the purpose of manufacturing homophobic and racist reactions from unsuspecting private citizens.
Biden’s, of course, a public official, and therefore more than fair game.  This collective whine by some in the media (CNN’s John King included) is funny to watch.  They’ve spent more time questioning us on “procedure” than they have on Biden’s attempt to mislead the American public into supporting a new bailout to the states by using rape as a cover.
But that’s why we call them drones, eh?