Fast and Furious: Reaching the Unreachable Man


A key figure in the Operation Fast and Furious scandal is White House staffer Kevin O’Reilly, who was an old friend of Phoenix ATF Special Agent in Charge Bill Newell.  Newell and O’Reilly discussed Mexican gun running in what Newell falsely characterized as an isolated exchange of emails… until one of those epic Obama Administration Friday night document dumps revealed much more extensive communications between the two.

The House Oversight Committee would very much like to talk to O’Reilly about this, but the Administration maintains he is “on assignment for the State Department in Iraq, and unavailable.” He was “unexpectedly” named Director of the International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Bureau for Iraq, you see.

Curse the luck!  If only they had phones in Iraq…

Wait a second – they do have phones in Iraq!  The intrepid crew at Pajamas Media decided to do what nobody else in the media thought about doing, and give O’Reilly’s office a call. 

 They got voice mail on their first attempt last week.  Monday they tried again, and got an assistant who told them O’Reilly was on a conference call.  Pajamas Media reporter Patrick Richardson dutifully left a message, which was not returned.

When Richardson tried again this morning, the number was disconnected.  It had previously been in service for several years.

PJ Media forwarded the results of their adventure in global telecommunications to House Oversight chairman Darrell Issa, along with some suggested questions for the Administration, including: “Why were we told Kevin O’Reilly was ‘unavailable’ if he was employed in a position that has always been open the media, and indeed was reached easily by PJ Media?”

If you get voice mail at the White House, Rep. Issa, be sure to leave a message.