Communism Survivor Meets Occupy Wall Street


A former Soviet citizen decided to ask some Occupy Wall Street characters holding “FIGHT FOR SOCIALISM” signs what they think socialism is.  Hilarity ensues, as we learn socialism means “we wouldn’t have people unemployed,” and the difference between North and South Korea is that “workers in North Korea get paid.”

One of the defining characteristics of the OWS crowd, and one of the (non-violent) things that sets them so far apart from the Tea Party, is that OWS people generally have no idea what they’re talking about – a point made even more powerfully, and almost as humorously, by OWS’ encounter with Peter Schiff.  They’re not just “wrong,” they’re delusional. 

This is partially a result of sustained exposure to our public education system and media, but also a natural result of single-minded focus on a perceived problem without making any real effort to understand it, or think seriously about the “solutions” and their ramifications.  That’s one reason the OWS crowd is so completely uninterested in exploring Big Government’s role in all the stuff they’re upset about.  Children expect parents to attend their needs when they cry. 

A more thoughtful exploration of Occupy Wall Street’s complaints would reveal that the “parents” are a major part of the problem.  That notion terrifies children, so they do not grapple with it.  Unruly protests by small groups don’t “persuade” many individual citizens – certainly not on the scale necessary to implement collectivism “voluntarily.”  That’s impossible anyway, because collectivism always requires massive amounts of coercive force.  Unruly protests by small groups do have a chance of attracting the attention of those who can deploy massive amounts of coercive force.

Problem = too many poor people and too many rich people.  Solution = take from rich, give to poor.  They don’t waste much time contemplating the mechanism necessary to implement that solution.  The “Occupiers” dream of a world in which their notion of morality will be imposed.  They trust their brilliant demigod leaders to handle all the messy details.

“Abolishing capitalism” means abolishing liberty.  These people are okay with that.  They’ll soon recover from losing another skirmish with reality.