Peter Schiff Meets Occupy Wall Street


Peter Schiff, the CEO who got fined for hiring too many people, sallied forth into the Occupy Wall Street mob with a microphone, beneath a banner reading “I Am The 1%… Let’s Chat.”

Schiff had plenty of takers.  The ensuing encounter is a master class on what happens when a serenely confident man, with full command of the facts, talks to a passionate mob of clueless wonders who don’t know a thing about their supposed cause, and don’t think they should have to.  Some of these folks are students, but they sure didn’t think there would be a test.

Schiff doesn’t just engage and defeat these people… he short-circuits them.  You can see one or two of them making a visible effort to think, which they abandon after realizing it’s much easier to chant slogans.