Perry Hunting for Success in Iowa, Literally

In an exclusive on the Fox Business show, “Follow the Money”, Eric Bolling showed a video of Texas Gov. Rick Perry pheasant hunting with Rep. Steve King (R.-Iowa). Exercising his Second Amendment rights, the presidential hopeful can be seen blasting pheasants out of the sky in rural Iowa.

According to Bolling, he got the idea to find out what happened at the event after seeing a picture from a Tweet by Perry over the weekend. The video shows both skill and able marksmanship by both Perry and King, and at one point in the video a pheasant can actually be seen dropping out of the sky and falling right in front of them.

Bolling asked whether or not Perry was a good shot and King responded, “I think he’s a good shot. I would stand next to him and shoot anytime, and I think we would hold our own.”

King also mentioned in the interview that he hunted with former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum over the weekend too and reached out to other candidates like Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Demonstrating athleticism, physical talent and marksmanship is nothing new on the campaign trail. The famous Kentucky statesman, Henry Clay, improved his chances of winning his first Congressional election by hitting a target at long distance with a hunting rifle. The backwoods frontiersmen in Kentucky ate it up and he was swept into office past more experienced opponents.

It remains to be seen whether or not the deft use of a gun and accurate marksmanship will give Perry a bounce in the polls.