Obama's Rape and Murder Bill Fails In the Senate

The first chunk of Obama’s disassembled Pass This Bill Act, which the President and his odious Vice President have taken to pushing as America’s last line of defense against a wave of rape and murder, failed in the Senate on Thursday.  The bill needed 60 votes to move forward, but failed 50-50.

“For the second time in two weeks,” shrieked the Demagogue-in-Chief, “every single Republican in the United States Senate has chosen to obstruct a bill that would create jobs and get our economy going again. That’s unacceptable. We must do what’s right for the country and pass the common-sense proposals in the American Jobs Act.”

As it happens, there are only 47 Republicans in the Senate.  They did all vote against the Obama Pass This Bill Or You Will Probably Get Your Head Blown Off In a Liquor Store Holdup Act, but they had some company – specifically, Democrats Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Mark Pryor of Arkansas, along with former Democrat-turned-independent Joe Lieberman. 

The Associated Press notes further that “Two Democrats who voted with the president, Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Jon Tester of Montana, however, said they couldn’t support the underlying Obama plan unless it’s changed.”

There has not been any word yet on whether Vice President Joe Biden thinks these Democrats should be raped by a 200-pound assailant until they change their minds.

The point of this bill, like the Pass This Bill Act before it, was not to make a serious legislative proposal.  Sane governments running trillion-dollar deficits, against a backdrop of collapsing economic growth and double-digit unemployment, do not announce $450 billion spending proposals funded by trillion-dollar tax increases.  The point of all this was to set up useful Democrat campaign themes for 2012, and by this measure, the Pass This Bill Or You Might Be Shot With the Guns We Gave Mexican Cartels Act was a complete success.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, last heard musing that “private sector jobs have been doing fine” but America really needs to hire more government workers, couldn’t wait to beat the class-warfare drums: “Protecting millionaires and defeating President Obama are more important to my Republican colleagues than creating jobs and getting our economy back on track.”  Yeah, Republicans should answer for the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars they gave to George Kaiser!

CNN brings us the thoughtful statesmanship of Senator Barbara Boxer, who once violated Senate ethics rules by just sort of forgetting to mention one of her million-dollar homes on disclosure forms, even though she chairs the Senate Ethics Committee: “”Republicans have once again said no to creating jobs in America and no to helping the American people. They have turned their backs on our children and the safety of our communities by blocking a bill that would put 400,000 teachers, police officers and firefighters back to work.”  Why, I’ll bet if Obama took Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.’s advice and proposed an $600 billion stimulus plan to hire every unemployed person for a make-work government job at $40,000 per year, those greedy Republicans would oppose that, too!

You might be wondering what hiring an army of unionized government employees for temporary jobs has to do with promoting healthy private-sector employment.  Please see Harry Reid’s wisdom about the current robust health of private-sector jobs if you have any questions.  It helps if you try not to think too hard about it, and don’t read any news whatsoever.

Speaking of job creation, a Republican proposal also died in the Senate on Thursday.  This one would have lifted a requirement that the government withhold 3% of payments to its contractors, beginning in 2013.  That means if you work for the government, you have to wait a while until you get 3% of what they owe you – a rather important issue, since the Democrat Party keeps wailing about the need for huge “infrastructure” projects.

This repeal motion had broad bipartisan support.  The withholding requirement is a huge burden on business and a guaranteed job-killer.  The problem is that repealing it would “cost” the Treasury $11.2 billion, and Senate Republicans wanted to offset that with uncommitted federal funds.  As far as Democrats are concerned, all federal funds, plus a good deal of the money currently sitting in your wallet, are “committed” to big-spending programs they haven’t thought up yet. 

Obviously, we’ve sailed far beyond the bounds of reasonable discourse when Democrats are howling that failure to pass a $35 billion bill that would give $30 billion to the teachers’ unions, and spend $5 billion on temporary police officers, is the only thing standing between your family and violent death at the hands of criminals.  Otherwise, people would ask why Obama didn’t use the trillions he’s already tossed out like Halloween candy to hire those desperately-needed cops.