Mother Sheehan Arrested at Occupy Sacramento

She’s Ba-ack!

Liberal Media Darling Cindy Sheehan was arrested in Sacramento on Saturday night after attending the Occupy Sacramento during the day and refusing to leave the park at night.

Poor Mother Sheehan.

Digtriad reported:

Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan was arrested Saturday night, after spending the day marching with other protesters in Sacramento, California as part of the global “Occupy” protests.

Sheehan and hundreds of demonstrators marched from Cesar Chavez Park to the steps of the Capitol Saturday to denounce corporate greed and Wall Street. The marchers went back to the park in the late afternoon, promising to remain throughout the night despite threats of arrest after midnight.

Dozens of demonstrators have been arrested over the past week and a half after they refused to stop their “occupation” of the park late at night. Despite petitions to city officials this week, the demonstrations are unlikely to be granted an exemption to Sacramento’s overnight camping ordinances.

Police say Sheehan was charged with remaining after a lawful dispersal order and for being in the park after hours.