'Mediaite' Stories Twist Truth About Biden's Words Into Unreality

Does Mediaite have an editor screening its content before it goes up online?
In a 24-hour period, that lefty news site published one story defending Vice President Joe Biden’s charge that Republicans want rape to increase if they don’t align with the President’s “jobs” plan, and another article claiming that Biden, in fact, never did use a rape reference.
First we have some dude named Nando Di Fino, whom I’ve never heard of before.  He argued that Biden’s assertion about rapes surging really isn’t that “crazy” after all.
“He was basically showing that as you cut police, crime goes up,” writes Nando.
Well, that’s certainly a sanitized version of what Biden said all right.
Let’s go back to the videotape:
The latest proposed round of government spending wasn’t temporary, says the veep, because “when that 911 call comes in and a woman’s being raped, if a cop shows up in time to prevent the rape, it’s not temporary to that woman.”  Then there’s this gem that Nando conveniently overlooked:  In the same speech, Biden wished Republicans were themselves rape victims. 
“I wish they had some notion of what it was like to be on the other side of a gun, or [to have] a 200-pound man standing over you, telling you to submit.”
Of course the entire premise of Biden’s argument is fallacious and disgusting.  As Allah Pundit at HotAir observed, Biden and the Dems are framing the debate of whether to cut another $35 billion check to the states in terms of “you’re either with us or you’re with the rapists.”
Nah, no “crazy” talk there, Nando.
But who are we kidding?  This eagle-eyed journalist on Mediaite’s staff can’t even keep a simple time line together of what Joe Biden said and when, so how can we expect him to understand that any attempt to ram through an unpopular agenda by using rape prevention as a cover isn’t exactly honest politics.
Nando writes:  “Undeterred, Biden went to Flint, Michigan, and brought up the rape statistics again, drawing a correlation between the dwindling number of police officers and the rising murder and rape rates …”
In reality, Biden got the ball rolling in Flint, amplified his comments at the University of Pennsylvania, and doubled down on them with me.  That’s important because it shows Biden progressively becoming more unhinged after each encounter.  He wasn’t exactly clarifying these ludicrous statements in a way that made us think, “Oh yeah, Joe ‘Big F***ing Deal’ Biden has a point,” as Nando would like us to believe.  That aside, did this dude really cast Biden as an underdog boxer who beat all odds and is determined to take the fight 12 rounds?  “Undeterred, Biden went to Flint.”  Why, we have our very own Rocky Balboa in the White House!
Oh man, Mediaite.  A real “winner” you got with this kid Nando.
He also believes that Biden “schooled” me in my exchange with the vice president.  Okay, if he thinks so.  You can judge for yourself.
Then there’s Tommy Christopher.  This guy’s special.  How special?  Writing in Mediaite, he whined that it was a “false allegation” to say that Biden talked about rape while describing Republican opposition to the President’s latest stimulus proposal.  Biden “never tried to conflate opposition to the bill with rape,” he puffed.  In other words, Christopher just admitted out loud that he doesn’t grasp the English language as is commonly understood by the 300 million people living in this country (illegals included).  Because in modern American English, when a politician denounces opposition to legislation he favors by wishing that his critics knew what it felt like to have a “200-pound man standing over you, telling you to submit,” that is the textbook definition of “conflating” a bill with rape.
At this point, what would Biden have to say in order to convince Christopher that there’s some serious ‘conflating’ going on here? That if we don’t pass this legislation, “murder will continue to rise, rape will continue to rise, all crimes will continue to rise?”  Because Biden said that, too.
Perhaps I’m giving Tommy Christopher too much credit by chalking up his vacuous assertions to illiteracy.  Maybe he sees nothing wrong with the idea of being tossed around like a nerf football by a 200-pound heavy man.  Who knows.  
But what really got Christopher’s diapers dirty was my referring to one of Biden’s flacks as a “press chick.”  It offended his sensibilities or something.  Oh, Tommy.  Get it straight.  I said “prissy press chick.”
Quote me correctly, yo!
And now for the “inconvenient facts” that Joe Biden and his hyper-emotional stenographers in the media don’t want you to know about.  While Democrats say the country needs more stimulus spending to stop the avalanche of violent crimes that are apparently going to explode any day now, the reality is that rape, robberies and murders are all on the decline—and that’s as the unemployment rate has been cemented above 9%.
There’s more.
In Flint, Michigan, where Biden got the despicable rape rhetoric going, it turns out that there’s been an 11% decrease in the number of rapes in 2010, not a 152% increase as the vice president alleged. Heck, if the White House was concerned about devastating crime waves in Flint, they could’ve ensured that the $1.6 million they shoveled to that city in original stimulus funds went to hire cops rather than to a “green” company that eventually went belly-up.
So what does this all mean?  Biden’s both uniformed and offensive, crime stats are down (thank the Lord), and if Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher and Nando Di whatever-his-name aren’t on the administration’s payroll, they’re getting gypped out of a paycheck.