Perry Ad Portrays Romney as a Deceiver

After former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s particularly personal attack ad on Texas Gov. Rick Perry, which was subsequently taken down from the website, Perry’s campaign has shot back with a brutal attack ad of its own.

In the ad, called “Mitt Romney – Misleading”, the video starts out with what could be a direct attack on Romney’s video that was called “Ready to lead?” It shows a dictionary definition of the word “misleading” by specifically highlighting the word “lead”. The text says, “Mis-lead – to be misleading; tend to deceive.”

The focus of the video was to highlight how Romney created a health care system in the state of Massachusetts that is the model for ObamaCare, but makes misleading statements about the support of his own system and rejection of Obama’s.

On top of his health care views, the ad tries to show that Romney is a career politician that hires illegal immigrants to work on his property. This is in contrast to Romney’s campaign to show that he is a business man who understands the economy and will take a tough stand on illegal immigration.