Cain Increases Presence in Iowa, Hires Former Party Chairman

Presidential candidate Herman Cain has hired former Iowa Republican Party chairman, Steve Grubbs, to direct his campaign operations in Iowa.

“I’ve looked at the Cain campaign organization and while there’s a lot of work to do, it has the ingredients to win. Herman Cain has deep support in Iowa and that makes the job of finding precinct leaders easier,” said Grubbs.

Hiring veteran operatives will help Cain organize and achieve success in many of the critical early primary states, and it will also help him counter questions about his campaign’s seriousness and viability.

Since he was launched in the polls after victory in the Florida straw poll a month ago, Cain has brought in more money. Since the Nevada debate on Tuesday a SuperPac was launched to support his campaign and he has now begun hiring in a vital primary state.