Occupy the Golf Course

The “Occupy” spirit flowed across a golf course in California on Monday, as protesters formed a drum circle, screamed through bullhorns, and even lied to get past security so they could initiate a confrontation with the most infamous golfer in America.  Those stuck outside the gates of the country club held up signs reading “99% CAN’T AFFORD TO GOLF HERE.”

“He knows he can’t go anywhere without the people going with him,” said the group’s organizer.  “I hope that even while he’s up there, raking in millions in cash, he knows there’s people here and everywhere.  We’re going to make clear that this isn’t a funny time anymore.  This is a real time. It’s time for him to get busy on jobs and not on his golf game.”

Wow, that’s awesome.  It’s about time these guys got serious and went after Obama.  The very conspicuous absence of criticism leveled at King Putt – who has spent more of the past few years golfing, stuffing taxpayer money into the pockets of his best friends, and raising funds for his re-election campaign than dealing with his presidential duties – is one of the reasons it’s so hard to take the “progressive Tea Party” seriously. 

You just knew there was a punch line coming, didn’t you? 

These clowns weren’t protesting Obama.  They were going after House Speaker John Boehner.  They were crashing the Reagan Cup golf tournament to pressure him into passing Obama’s ludicrous tax-and-spend “jobs” bill, apparently unaware that it died in the Democrat-controlled Senate. 

Perhaps next they can demand golf course redistribution, including a massive federal bureaucracy to provide free clubs, tees, and balls to the deserving.  Think of all the jobs that would create!  


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