Guess Where Over Half of America's New Jobs Came From In June?

We didn’t have much of a “recovery summer.”  CNN offered a bleak description of the June unemployment report:

The job market hit a major roadblock last month, as hiring slowed to a crawl and the unemployment rate unexpectedly rose. 

The economy gained just 18,000 jobs in June, the government reported Friday, sharply missing most expectations and coming in even weaker than the paltry 25,000 jobs added in May.

Of course it was “unexpected,” as bad economic news always is, during the Age of Obama.

As it turns out, June could have been a lot worse.  Over half of the job growth in American came from one state… and it’s the work of the governor liberals fought like hell to destroy, in the state where the War on Taxpayers went hot.  Take a bow, Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin!

From a MacIver Institute report:

Earlier this month, analysts were dismayed by the nation’s anemic job creation numbers. On Thursday, state officials were pleased as they released data that showed more than half of the net new jobs added in the US in June came from Wisconsin.

“We have made difficult decisions in our state, but they are beginning to payoff,” said Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R). “The national job figures remind us that we can not rest after one month of good news; while there will be ups and downs along the way, we must help lead the nation to recovery.”

Using seasonally adjusted data, the 12,900 private-sector jobs created in June marks the largest one-month gain in Wisconsin since September 2003. The state’s net new job gain for June is 9,500 jobs, more than half of the nation’s net gain of 18,000 jobs for the same month.

While Obama’s policies have caused the American workforce to contract – the true unemployment rate of 16.2%, which includes those who dropped out of the workforce entirely, is far worse than the widely reported figure of 9.1% – Wisconsin has been bringing a lot of people back into the game:

Many in the past had given up looking for a job which removed them from the unemployment rolls – now they are back to looking for jobs. In June there were 118,800 total entrants to the labor force, up 15,100 from May. That boosted the overall unemployment rate .2 percent to 7.6. Wisconsin’s unemployment rate remains below the national rate of 9.2%.

“Wisconsin has added 39,300 private-sector jobs since Governor Walker declared Wisconsin open for business,” Department of Workforce Development Secretary Scott Baumbach said. “Jobseekers and employers alike are reaping the economic benefits of the business-friendly environment that Governor Walker is advancing, and we encourage jobseekers to keep pursuing these new employment opportunities.”

State officials note that in the first six months of 2011, Wisconsin’s total private sector job growth of 1.7% has been almost twice the national rate of 0.9%; and in the manufacturing sector job growth has been more than twice the national rate, 3.2% compared to 1.2%.

Wisconsin total nonfarm job growth (1.4%) has been more that twice the national rate (0.6%).

Instead of driving his million-dollar bus around to flog the dead Pass This Bill Act, President Obama should take a trip up to Wisconsin and learn about job creation from someone who actually made it happen.