Obama Now Pimping SEIU Merchandise on Twitter

Our tech-savvy president continues to find new and innovative ways to shake down his supporters and help out his union buddies. He’s now using his Twitter feed to hawk merchandise.

Need to keep your soda cold? ‘s got you covered. Literally.

Naturally the link takes you to his website where you can purchase this must-have item for the low price of only $10.

At the bottom it reads Workers United. You’ll never guess who they are.

Workers United, SEIU is a union of 150,000 workers in the US and Canada who work in the laundry, food service, hospitality, gaming, apparel, textile, manufacturing and distribution industries. Workers United is a new union with a 100 year heritage, and includes members from predecessor unions like the ILGWU, ACTWU, UNITE and UNITE HERE.

One thing Obama didn’t inherit from Bush was dignity.