Huntsman to Boycott Las Vegas Debate

Former Gov. of Utah Jon Huntsman will boycott the upcoming October 18th presidential debate in Las Vegas. This is in response the Nevada placing its primary so early, and hence competing with New Hampshire for its “first-in-nation” primary status.

Instead of attending and competing in the debate, Huntsman will hold a town hall in New Hampshire. Campaign spokesman Matt David explained that Huntsman is doing this to stand in solidarity with New hampshire.

While Mitt Romney‘s campaign has tried to game the system by encouraging Nevada to move to an earlier date, Governor Huntsman is sticking up for the Granite State.

New Hampshire plays a vital role in our nominating system in that — unlike any other primary — it gives voters the opportunity to engage substantively with the candidates on the myriad issues facing our country. To that end, this town hall will provide Granite Staters a substantive alternative to yet another in a long string of sound-bite dominated debates.