Romney Ad Targets Obama Trade Policy

The campaign of former Gov. of Massachusetts Mitt Romney brought up the issue of trade with China in a newly released video called Obama Isn’t Working: Trade.

In Monday’s New Hampshire debate, Romney was clearly siding with those who believe China’s trade and economic practices are dangerous to American companies and American workers.

The view that America needs to have policies to prevent Chinese manipulation of their currency and mercantilist trade policy was countered in the debate by former Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman. Huntsman has stated that he is concerned about starting a trade war with China.

Huntsman said in the debate, “I don’t subscribe to the Don Trump school or the Mitt Romney school of international trade.”

Romney’s ad targets Chinese counterfeiting and theft of intellectual property as a major problem that the Obama Administration hasn’t solved. The video specifically focuses on how, according to the Chamber of Commerce, Chinese counterfeiting costs America about 750,000 jobs a year.

Here is Romney’s video: