New Hampshire Threatening to Move Primary to Early December

New Hampshire, which has a state law declaring it to be the first primary state in the nation, might push the date of that vote all the way up to December 3rd. This move comes after a number of other states have tried pushing forward their own primaries and caucuses.

Because of the importance of momentum in a presidential primary contest, success in the early states always usually play a critical role for candidates.

Among the states trying to move up is Nevada. The date set by Republican Party leaders in the state is January 14th, which is very early and runs very close to the planned New Hampshire primary date of January 7th. By changing the date to December, New Hampshire will ensure that there is a large enough gap between its primary and the next.

Some Republican candidates have shown frustration with the moves, saying that the earlier dates give former Gov. of Massachusetts Mitt Romney an advantage.

Former Gov. of Utah Jon Huntsman went after Nevada specifically and voiced his displeasure.

“In an effort to preserve New Hampshire’s historic first-in-the-nation primary status, the Huntsman campaign will boycott the Nevada caucus as long as the state continues to jeopardize New Hampshire’s primary date,” said Huntsman campaign spokesman Matt David.

Huntsman will need to do well in New Hampshire if he is to have success in the Republican primary. He recently moved his campaign headquarters to that state from Florida.