Biden: Pass This Bill Or There Will Be More Rapes and Murders


Vice President Joe Biden gave a speech in Flint, Michigan yesterday… no, come on, stop laughing.  This time he wasn’t funny.  Not at all.

Biden was making a pitch for President Obama’s Pass This Bill Act, which died in the Democrat-controlled Senate, but will receive periodic injections of the political equivalent of Herbert West’s corpse reanimation juice until long after Halloween has come and gone.  Biden warned there could be a wave of rapes and murders across the nation if Obama doesn’t get more “stimulus” loot to spend, since more taxes and spending are crucial for the hiring of cops:

Say, did Flint, Michigan get any money from the last Obama “stimulus” pork-a-thon?  Why, yes.  Yes, they did.  Did they spend it on cops to fight their rape epidemic?  Hell, no.  They blew it on “green” buses.  The company that was going to provide the original hydrogen-powered buses went out of business after eating a $1.6 million taxpayer loan (dang it, I said not to laugh, this is serious!) so they’re looking for a new vendor.  They could buy eight normal buses for the price of one “green” bus.  Oh, and they’ve got to build a special fueling facility to pump those rolling boondoggles full of hydrogen.

So, using Biden’s “logic,” how many rapes did Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm cause by flushing millions of taxpayer dollars down this “green” rat hole?  How many rapes are Obama and Biden responsible for, after shoving billions of taxpayer dollars into such rat holes all across the fruited plain, instead of using that money to hire cops? 

We never hear Democrats talk about their bottomless corruption and wild spending binges that way, do we?  They want us to stop asking what happens to the trillions they’ve already grabbed.  They want us to stop looking for fat to cut from the monstrous government apparatus they have already constructed.  Instead, it’s always a question of either giving them more money, or making do without cops and firefighters. 

I, for one, would like to salute the Vice President for raising this important issue.  Let us apply his reasoning to every damned dollar his failed Administration has wasted.  Let’s measure the Solyndra and SunPower disasters in terms of the rapes and murders that could have been prevented, if the taxpayer money given to those top Obama contributors had been spent more wisely.  Let’s talk about how many paramedics could have been hired with the trillion dollars Obama shoveled into “stimulus” slush funds.  Let’s tally up the staggering cost of ObamaCare by asking how many doctors could have been hired to work in emergency rooms, instead of the 16,000 IRS agents that will be tasked with enforcing its penalties and mandates.

Joe Biden just declared it loud and clear: Obamanomics kills.