Investigation Shows Connection Between RomneyCare and ObamaCare

An investigation claims that RomneyCare was not just the inspiration for ObamaCare, but the blueprint.This was the conclusion made by an investigation by NBC National Investigative Correspondent, Michael Isikoff. Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s campaign was quick to capitalize on this report.

On an MSNBC segment of the Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd, Isikoff explained his findings.

Isikoff said that he looked through White House meeting logs to see who they were meeting with when crafting the Affordable Care Act.

“Several of Romney’s advisors, health care experts, people who were consulted by the Romney Administration were also being consulted by the Obama White House about how to duplicate what was done in Massachusetts on the national level,” said Isikoff.

Jonathan Gruber, an MIT economist and a Romney advisor who was appointed to implement RomneyCare in Massachusetts, went to the White house at least five times to consult with various members of the Obama Administration.

“This is something that is a little awkward for Romney, because the Massachusetts law, and the federal law, ObamaCare, is one that his rivals are pouncing on,” said Isikoff.

The Perry campaign has been quick to take advantage of this connection on its website, It also went after Romney for his “denial” of Gruber as a top advisor.

Perry spokesman Mark Miner said, “We call on Mr. Romney to repudiate government-mandated health care as crafted in RomneyCare and admit his policies and advisors ushered in ObamaCare’s costly and destructive health care mandates.”

The post then cited the number of publications that cited Gruber as a Romney advisor:

-The Boston Globe
-The New York Times
-The Wall Street Journal
-NBC News


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