E-mails Link Solyndra Investors, Campaign Donors and White House

Late Friday night document dumps at the White House.

Now that’s some government sleaze the Occupy Wall Street mob could rally against.  But instead the lowlifes are defecating on police vehicles, sporting nasty-looking coke nails on camera, mindlessly chanting whatever their organizers are telling them to, slamming their palms on Conga drums, scouring lower Manhattan for sex and free food, and fantasizing about what an absolute treat it would be to call Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela home.
Last Friday evening, the White House released a treasure trove of e-mails that only stoke the flames of the Solyndra demise.  You know, that failed green energy company that blew through $535 million of taxpayer dollars, an incident that Obama said he doesn’t regret.
Before we get to the latest Solyndra scandal involving the most honest, transparent and ethical administration in the history of the universe, how about a quick recap of the facts?
First we have the billionaire George Kaiser, an Obama fund-raiser and Solyndra investor, who made multiple visits to the White House before the solar panel company was granted the $535 million in taxpayer money.  The White House says that Kaiser didn’t lobby them on the loan approval, but we’ll never know, because the meeting wasn’t done in public for all to see.  The administration’s denial seems all the more unbelievable considering that Kaiser himself is on record bragging about how he helped secure funding for Oklahoma projects through the gargantuan stimulus program.
Second, we know that the Office of Management and Budget was concerned that Solyndra wasn’t ready for prime time, and therefore didn’t want to be rushed to sanction the government loan.  Those concerns fell on deaf ears, however, because Solyndra was more about a political victory, not an economic one, for Team Obama.
And now this:  Another Obama bundler, Steve Spinner, was improperly lobbying for Solyndra to get the half a billion dollars in taxpayer money.  The lobbying was improper because his wife, Allison Spinner, worked for the law firm representing Solyndra.
“How hard is this?  What is he waiting for?” complained Spinner, who raised $500,000 for Obama, in an internal e-mail while working for the Department of Energy.  “I have OVP [the Office of the Vice President] and WH [the White House] breathing down my neck on this.”  Spinner was agitated that the process was taking too long. Later on he asked a DOE colleague, “Any word on OMB? Solyndra’s getting nervous.”
Naturally, Spinner’s wife’s law office denies that she had any involvement in representing the now-bankrupt solar panel company, which we’ll really never know.  They just want us to take their word for it.  What we do know is that Solyndra paid the law firm, Wilson Sonsini, more than $2 million in legal fees for securing the loan.
Looks like the Spinner household had an early Christmas in 2009, eh?
“After eight months of stonewalling by this administration, today we finally learn one of the reasons why they fought our investigation every step of the way,” said Rep. Fred Upton (R.-Mich.), the chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee.  “The paper trail released by the White House portrays a disturbingly close relationship between President Obama’s West Wing inner circle, campaign donors, and wealthy investors that spawned the Solyndra mess.”
But there’s more.
Turns out that the in the latest flurry of e-mails released by the White House show that the Energy Department modified Solyndra’s loans to protect private investors, not taxpayers.  “When Department of Energy restructured the loan in February, they inexplicably not only doubled-down on a bad bet, they put Solyndra’s investors, Argonaut and Madrone to the front of the line for the first $75 million that could be recouped in bankruptcy,” a GOP official on the House Energy and Commerce Committee told HUMAN EVENTS.
And that restructuring could very well have been illegal.
At the time that the Department of Energy (DOE) was flirting with the refinancing, the Treasury Department notified told it to consult the Justice Department to make sure that the terms loan modification were in fact legal, to ensure that it didn’t violate the “Repayment” section of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.  In that section, the secretary of the Energy Department must follow specific protocols to guarantee that borrowers can pay back the principal and interest on taxpayer-funded loans.
It looks those protocols were never obeyed.  “In February, we requested in writing that DOE seek the Department of Justice’s approval of any proposed restructuring.  To our knowledge, that has never happened,” wrote Department of the Treasury Assistant Secretary for Financial Markets Mary J. Miller in August of this year.

Go back and reread that quote: Obama’s own Treasury Dept. wanted the government’s top lawyers consulted, and still the rogue bureaucrats at the Department of Energy scoffed.

But what’s a law enacted by Congress and signed by the President if it gets in the way of the ushering in the leftist pipedream of solar panels and windmills in every Americans backyard? 
The next hearing on Solyndra is scheduled for this Friday in the House’s Energy and Commerce Committee.  That’s a good place for the “Occupy” thugs to show up and stand in “solidarity” with Rep. Upton against this administration’s corporate cronyism and potentially illegal use of taxpayer money.

Then again, we’re taking a giant leap of faith assuming that these knuckleheads reliving the ’60s can even read this article.