Christie Endorses Romney


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who only recently decided against a presidential run in 2012, has decided to endorse Mitt Romney.  He’ll be holding a press conference today to make it official, and will attend the Republican debate in New Hampshire tonight.

The Chicago Tribune reminds us that when he nixed his own presidential run, Christie suggested he wouldn’t be issuing an endorsement any time soon:

“If I feel like there’s someone in the field who gives us the best chance to defeat the president, I’ll endorse that person and I’ll work hard for that person. But I’m not in a position today to make that judgment,” he said at a news conference Oct. 4.

But the pairing of the two Northeastern Republicans seems a natural fit. And it gives Romney a major lift as the GOP field has settled; Christie was one of the most sought-after surrogates of the 2010 campaign, including a well-attended stop in Iowa.

Christie’s endorsement sends a pretty strong signal to Republican money that Romney is the safe bet, and gives Romney a nice jolt of electricity going into tonight’s debate, which is shaping up to be fairly crucial.  Christie has a lot of admirers outside the Northeastern establishment.  I don’t know how many Cain or Perry supporters will switch to Romney on his say-so, but his endorsement will be a significant data point for undecided voters, especially if Romney follows it up with a strong performance tonight.