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Cain Pulls Ahead in South Carolina Poll

In an American Research Group poll in South Carolina, Herman Cain just edged out former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney to take the top spot.

Cain received 26% of likely Republican primary voters to Romney’s 25%. The vote total for both candidates is very similar, but their supporters are not.

The poll shows that Cain gains 35% of likely Republican primary voters who support the Tea Party and 19% of those who don’t support the Tea Party or are undecided. Romney’s numbers are almost the exact opposite as he receives 15% of the Tea Party supporters compared to 33% of non-Tea Party supporters.

Results of the South Carolina poll:

Herman Cain- 26%
Mitt Romney- 25%
Rick Perry- 15%
Newt Gingrich- 8%
Ron Paul- 7%
Michele Bachmann- 5%
Rick Santorum- 1%
Jon Huntsman- 0%
Gary Johnson- 0%
Buddy Roemer- 0%
Other- 1%
Undecided- 12%

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Jarrett Stepman is a staff writer at Human Events and a contributor to the Guns and Patriots section. He is a graduate of UC Davis, where he studied Political Science.  Follow Jarrett on

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