Occupy Wall Street: Send In the Kids


Racial arsonist Al Sharpton is off to join the Occupy Wall Street protest, but as CNN reports, the really big news is that today is “Kids Speak Out Day”:

Organizers of the “leaderless resistance movement” also have billed Monday as “Kids Speak Out” day, with school children off for Columbus Day.

“Even as banks got bailed out, American children have witnessed their parents get tossed out of their homes and lose their jobs. Public school kids have lost arts, music and physical education,” the movement’s website said. “Now our kids can see activists take these issues to the streets in a democratic forum at Occupy Wall Street.”

Nothing more perfectly encapsulates the helpless dependency of the OWS crowd that bringing a flock of actual children to reinforce the metaphorical children camped out in the streets.  By the way, public school spending has been going up steadily, year after year.  The national average per-student spending on public education hit $10,499 last year, which is 2.3% higher than the previous year.  In New York specifically, per-student spending sits at a national high of $18,126 per student. 

If they’re losing arts, music, and physical education, where’s all that money going?  And what do Wall Street firms have to do with any of this?  Do you suppose any of these kids will spend Columbus Day learning about their share of the national debt?

The New York Post tells us of the wonderful environment these children are being dragged into:

Readin’, writin’ — and revolution!

Some hippie families are toting kids to the wild Occupy Wall Street protests — including one 13-year-old boy who carries a stack of quarters in case he has to make a jailhouse phone call and a homemade solution that washes pepper spray from the eyes.

“The people I ended up sleeping next to were druggies. Someone was trying to put a cigarette out on my face, and I had to roll over,” said the teen, Luca Rozany, who arrived at Zucotti Park after riding 12 hours with his grandfather and best childhood pal from their home in Asheville, NC.

The boy said they thought about leaving — but because of the cops, not the junkies.

Luca showed off his arm, where a friend’s cellphone number and a Legal Aid number — in case he needs a a lawyer — were scrawled with permanent marker.

The poor kid’s grandfather proudly tells the Post that Luca is “learning life lessons,” which means he’s been trained to be a whiny “activist” for his entire life.  A 6-year-old New Jersey girl, who supposedly wanted to attend the protest because she thought it was “like a big party,” is learning some even more valuable life lessons:

Stay-at-home dad Karl-Gruswitz, whose wife’s accounting job brings home the bacon, doesn’t fear for his daughter — but said if he did, ”it wouldn’t be the people I’d be concerned about; it’d be the police.

(Emphasis mine.)  It’s not pretty watching today’s parasite class incubate the next generation.  Fear the police, kids!  They might get in our way when we decide to “occupy” something!