Occupy Wall Street Movement Snags Major PR Coup

The fledgling Occupy Wall Street movement, now entering its fourth week, really hit the big time over the weekend. First we were treated to this horrifying image that went viral, with a protester leaving his mark on an NYPD cruiser.

Undaunted, 1%-er Nancy Pelosi then threw her support behind the anarchist movement.

Meanwhile, in a show of solidarity, an Iranian military leader sent his props to the occupiers.

An Iranian military leader says the protests spreading from New York’s Wall Street to other U.S. cities are the beginning of an “American Spring,” likening them to the uprisings that toppled Arab autocrats in the Middle East.

Gen. Masoud Jazayeri of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard says the protests against corporate greed and the gap between rich and poor are a revolution   in the making that will topple what he called the Western capitalist system.

The filthy protesters must be swelling with pride of this coveted endorsement from America’s enemy.

Meanwhile, the Boston Herald reports the “Occupy Boston” group welcomed the support of the friends of a domestic terrorist awaiting trial. How special.

The downtown protest group Occupy Boston threw its proverbial doors open yesterday, and played host to supporters of accused terrorist Terak Mehanna, who are looking to raise awareness of the Sudbury man’s upcoming trial.

The Tarek Mehanna Support Committee came to Occupy Boston’s ever-evolving tent city on the Rose Kennedy Greenway to say Mehanna, a Muslim American pharmacist, is a victim of anti-Muslim sentiment.

The U.S. government says Mehanna, 28, provided “material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization,” and acted as a “media wing” for al-Qaeda.

Democrats should be so proud. After all, they own this movement lock, stock and barrel.