New Hampshire Poll Shows Romney Consistency, Strength of Cain Surge

In a collaborative poll by Harvard and the Saint Anselm New Hampshire Institutes of Politics on the Republican primary, the former governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, was shown to be the clear frontrunner with Herman Cain finishing in a strong second place.

Poll Results:

Mitt Romney- 38%
Herman Cain- 20%
Ron Paul- 13%
Newt Gingrich- 5%
Jon Huntsman- 4%
Rick Perry- 4%
Michelle Bachmann- 3%
Gary Johnson- 1%
Rick Santorum- 1%

Romney’s strength in the state is par for the course and his numbers remain strong. The poll showed that at least 10% of voters in New Hampshire say they will vote for Romney regardless of what happens down the line.

Herman Cain has continued to build off his momentum that that began after winning the Florida straw poll in September and gaining such a large percent of the vote shows his increasing and widespread strength.

Also of note is the lackluster 4% of voters that showed support for former governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman. Huntsman recently pulled up the stakes of his campaign from Florida and placed his headquarters in New Hampshire.

The overall numbers and sudden surge of Cain shows the fluidity of the race and how quickly the minds of voters can change as the primary campaign develops.