At Value Voters Summit Romney Defends Faith, Cain Shows Momentum

At the 2011 Value Voters Summit in Washington D.C., which is hosted by the Family Research Council, Republican primary candidates made a case for their social conservatism and tried to connect to grassroots voters. 

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association put the former governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, on the spot after making a speech that aggressively denounced those who believe in evolution, Islam or homosexuality. Romney was set to speak right after, which added even more pressure after Baptist Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress called Mormonism a “cult” on the previous day.

“Poisonous language will not advance our cause, it’s never softened a single heart or changed a single mind,” said Romney, “The blessings of faith carry the responsibility of civil and responsible debate.”

Also notable was that Herman Cain was able to secure a second place position in the event’s straw poll, only behind Rep. Ron Paul. Cain is showing that his momentum is building after his dramatic victory in the Florida straw poll.

Cain showed that he sensed his momentum by saying, “You know when you’re running for president and you move into the top tier you get this bulls-eye on your back and people take potshots left and right.”

Here are the results of the Value Voters straw poll:

Ron Paul – 37 percent

Herman Cain – 23 percent

Rick Santorum – 16 percent

Rick Perry – 8 percent

Michele Bachmann – 8 percent

Mitt Romney – 4 percent

Newt Gingrich – 3 percent

Jon Huntsman – 0 percent