Zogby Poll Has Herman Cain Ahead By 20%


The IBOPE Zogby poll of GOP presidential contenders was the first to declare that Herman Cain’s surge after the Orlando debate had made him a front-runner.  Two weeks later, they’ve got him in first place by a whopping 20% margin over Mitt Romney:

Herman Cain 38%

Mitt Romney 18%

Rick Perry 12%

Ron Paul 12%

Newt Gingrich 4%

Jon Huntsman 4%

Michele Bachmann 3%

Rick Santorum 1%

That’s a rather astounding lead.  With all the usual caveats about Zogby’s interactive polling methods, it should be noted that most other polls eventually supported their view of Cain leaping into the top tier.  The last CBS News poll had him tied for first place with Romney.  The precise numbers may be open to debate, but Zogby has been giving a decent impression of the general shape of the race.

Zogby’s poll also finds Cain is currently the only GOP candidate polling ahead of President Obama in a head-to-head matchup:

The Oct. 3-5 IBOPE Zogby interactive poll also matches Cain, Romney and Perry against Obama. Cain led Obama, 46%-44%, while Obama is one-point ahead of Romney, 41%-40%, and leads Perry, 45%-40%.

As for President Barack Obama, both his job approval (41%) and the percentage who believe he deserves re-election (38%) are virtually unchanged from recent polls.

(Emphasis mine.)  As for the other candidates, the Zogby poll finds Rick Perry slipping another 6%, while Romney and the other candidates hold fairly steady.