Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli Likes Cain's Optimism, But Says Cain Mistakenly Supported TARP

As the principles associated with the Tea Party movement have become popular, many have tried to claim the mantle as an original member. If anyone can do so, though, it is Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who has always stood for limited government and constitutional principles and embraced the movement while running for Attorney General in 2009.

In an election year in which conservatives are enthusiastic but yearning for a candidate who both speaks the rhetoric and has a record of standing behind that rhetoric, Cuccinelli’s thoughts on election 2012 matter because he can be considered a one man focus group for the Tea Party and conservative movement and for voters who describe themselves as being conservatives first and Republicans second. 

While making clear that he does not support a particular candidate yet, Cuccinelli told HUMAN EVENTS that he was “looking for that kind of optimistic, conservative voice…that is well grounded in why limiting government is best for America…there are plenty of people who are looking for that kind of Reagan candidate.” 

He mentioned that businessman Herman Cain has risen because he is the “most unremitting optimistic candidate in the field.”

Cuccinelli, though, said that he would like to hear Cain say that his support for TARP, which many fiscal conservatives abhor, was a mistake because the program “cost too much,” “gave enormous amount of discretionary power, which should have never been given to the financial wing of the federal government, which was then abused predictably,” and “it had government coming in and picking winners and losers instead of the marketplace.”

Cuccinelli said the better alternative to TARP woud have been to “require transparency and let the market use the new information available to determine who lives and who dies.”