Obama DOJ Blocks Alabama Immigration Law


Fox News reports on the latest adventures of Eric Holder’s Justice Department, where memos about Obama Administration programs that kill over two hundred Mexicans are routinely lost, but laws that make it tougher for people to enter the United States illegally are a matter of grave and immediate concern:

The Obama administration asked an appeals court on Friday to block the enforcement of Alabama’s strict immigration law — widely considered to be the toughest in the nation — arguing it invites discrimination against foreign-born citizens and legal immigrants and is at odds with federal policy.

The Justice Department filed the challenge to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. It claimed Alabama’s new law “is highly likely to expose persons lawfully in the United States, including school children, to new difficulties in routine dealings.”

What are these horrible difficulties innocent school children will be exposed to, if the Administration that worked so hard to arm Mexican drug cartels is unable to thwart the expressed will of the people of Alabama?

The overhaul allows authorities to question people suspected of being in the country illegally and hold them without bond. It also lets officials check the immigration status of students in public schools.

Oh, my God.  I’m totally cool with the government establishing an intrusive enforcement regime to make sure everyone buys Obama-approved health insurance, and hiring 16,500 new IRS agents to get it done… but verifying the immigration status of those who collect the benefits of our lavish super-State, including the public school education that costs Alabama taxpayers roughly $7000 per student per year?  No, the line of privacy must be drawn, and people who aren’t even legal citizens are the best ones to draw it!

Astoundingly, the same Administration that committed an act of war against the government of Mexico with Operation Fast and Furious, and has adamantly refused to answer questions about that murderous fiasco from the Mexican government, now frets that Alabama’s immigration law “could impact diplomatic relations with foreign countries.”

The DOJ is also concerned that Alabama’s “attempts to drive aliens ‘off the grid’ will only impede the removal process established by federal law.”  Whoa, what?  I thought these illegal aliens “lived in the shadows.”  How you can Alabama drive them off the grid if they’re living in the shadows?  Does the grid extend into the shadows? 

Also: what “removal process established by federal law?”  The last big immigration news to come out of the federal government was a long list of “DREAM Act” criteria for ignoring immigration violations.

The Justice Department thinks that requiring state police officers to report immigration violations to the federal government “unnecessarily diverts resources from federal enforcement priorities, and precludes state and local officials from working in true cooperation with federal officials.”  So telling federal immigration officials where they can find undocumented aliens will “divert resources” from their “priorities”… which must, by definition, therefore involve something other than finding undocumented immigrants.  It sounds like we should be taking a close look at those “priorities,” rather than hassling Alabama for taking its southern border seriously.