Glenn Beck a Disappointed Christie Fan

Two more Glenn Beck videos for you!  Hope you’ve enjoyed our series with him on his new venture, GBTV.
First, the presidential election.  Of course we got to ask the media mogul who he’s supporting.  Does he like the current field, or does he want somebody else to jump in the race?  As it turns out, he wants additions.  One, mainly.  Unfortunately for Beck, that individual has, once again, said he’s not going to seek higher office … not yet, anyway.
No Chris Christie, Glenn.  Sorry!
Second, what does he think of the current crop of liberals in Congress?  On them, he’s straightforward:  “The Democrats don’t mean anything anymore except socialism.”  That sums it up about right.  On the Republican leadership in D.C., he’s equally sharp-tongued:  “I don’t think the grading system goes that low.”  And on Van Jones subscribing to GBTV, well, you’ll have to watch the video for that answer:

In addition to our sit-down, Beck gave HUMAN EVENTS a tour around his new set.  There’s the most expensive chalkboard in the world you’ll want to check out, the “history repeats itself” corner, the option to host live audiences, and many more cool gadgets hovering around in the studio.

See for yourself: