Union Reinforcements Arrive, Occupy Wall Street Promptly Turns Violent


Labor unions moved in to take over the Occupy Wall Street protests today, and things immediately got ugly, as reported by the New York Daily News:

Thousands of union workers joined protesters marching through  the Financial District Wednesday for Occupy Wall Street‘s largest rally yet against “corporate greed.”

The march was mostly peaceful – until after nightfall, when scuffles erupted and some of the younger demonstrators were arrested when they tried to storm barricades blocking them from Wall Street and the Stock Exchange.

Witnesses said about 200 people tried to push through barricades and police responded with pepper spray and penned them in with orange netting.

Police nightsticks also came into play when the mob tried to rush the New York Stock Exchange, resulting in a videotaped encounter that has been hyperbolically denounced as “horrifying violence”:

Oh, the unspeakable horror.  Wonder what happened right before the cop swung his nightstick in this viral video sensation?  I’m sure they were just trying to give him flowers or something.

Shortly before the encounter, a cop was videotaped musing that “my nightstick is gonna get a little workout tonight” as he watches the mob approach:

That seems like ironclad evidence of a massive conspiracy to abuse the crowd that has openly declared its desire to shut down lawful commerce.  I mean, the mob flowing toward the NYSE was so attractive, peaceful, and well-behaved.  There was no reason to think they might try forcing their way past the barricades – you know, exactly what they wound up doing.

So remember, if you’re part of a self-righteous mob that passionately believes itself entitled to the property of others, the laws don’t apply to you.  Police barricades and lines of uniformed officers are but speed bumps on your road to delivering compulsory enlightenment to those you hate.  It would be great to find out where some of these people live, march into their houses, take their property with assurances that it will be given to those more deserving, and see if they call the police.

What about the people who work on Wall Street and just want to earn a living?  They don’t count.  Their self-appointed leaders have declared themselves champions of the “99%.”  The desires of the 98.999999% who don’t want a surly crowd of smelly hippies and violent union agitators clogging up their streets don’t matter.  Authority lies not with duly elected officials and trained police officers, or free people with an absolute right to their own property, but with noisy self-appointed “leaders” who know what’s best, and believe the law should be reshaped to conform with their wisdom.  That’s how totalitarianism works.