Obama Finally Shows Up On Time


President Obama finally showed up on time for a press conference, stunning everyone who assumed his previous record of tardiness gave them plenty of time to microwave some popcorn before the show began.

Otherwise, it was the same-old same-old: I just got here, everything is Bush’s fault, give me more money to spend on “infrastructure,” and of course: PASS THIS BILL!  I wish a reporter had thought to ask him to name the House Democrat he wants to finally step forward and sponsor his nonsense bill in the House.

To hear the President talk, you’d think there were mobs of Democrats clamoring to spill over the barricades like Occupy Wall Street demonstrators and sign on to the plan he described today as “a great opportunity to help the American people.”  You’d think the Democrat majority leader in the Senate hadn’t just used a parliamentary maneuver to block a vote on the bill – a maneuver late reports indicate he has just thought better of.  But of course, unlike Barack Obama, you would be dealing with the real world.

A few of the old classics were back: the poll-tested “balanced approach,” which used to mean immediate tax increases in exchange for worthless promises of spending cuts later, but now means immediate tax increases to fund Obama’s new spending plans; and Obama’s modest insistence that we should rush to raise taxes on “people like him,” as if the $200,000 income earners he’s desperate to sock with new taxes have government-funded luxury jets, and wives who blow half a million taxpayer dollars jaunting off to Europe, like Barack Obama does. 

Since Obama is so dedicated to painting himself as a selfless member of the Virtuous Rich who can’t wait to become revenue targets, a reporter should ask him to itemize exactly how much taxpayer money he has spent on travel and entertainment.  I know he has no idea what the figure is, and would become very angry at the suggestion he should provide it, but his staff can handle it for him.

A moment of unintentional hilarity came when the arrogant man who sneered “I won” when Republicans tried to save American from his first “stimulus” disaster claimed he’s always gone the extra mile to work with Republicans. 

Obama persists in his curious believe that he can hypnotize people into ignoring objective reality by endlessly repeating the same nonsense.  Thus, he defiantly insists his “green jobs” disasters are still brilliant “investments,” as if the compulsory seizure and re-distribution of private assets can be described as “investment” by a sane and honest man.  He also keeps pretending the Republicans don’t offer any alternatives to his deranged tax-and-spend liberalism.  Hey, Mr. Obama!  Remember the Ryan bill you spent weeks demagoguing into the ground?

Obama actually gave the press “homework” to find the Republican American Jobs Act.  I wish one of them had been insulted enough to physically throw a copy of Representative Louie Gohmert’s American Jobs Act of 2011 in his face.  As a reminder, unlike Obama’s lunatic trillion-dollar tax hikes and $650 billion spending binges, Gohmert’s plan is two pages long, and calls for the elimination of corporate taxes and the Alternative Minimum Tax.  Fantastic job creation benefits, at a price far lower than Obama’s plan… what’s not to love?  Unless you really don’t give a whit about “job creation,” and view the term simply as a knife for cutting the purses of taxpayers.

The man who bent every imaginable rule to stuff George Kaiser’s pockets with taxpayer money had the nerve to suggest that “Americans will be frustrated until they get a sense everyone’s playing by the same set of rules.”  He then spent a great deal of effort trying to piggyback on the media fascination with the Occupy Wall Street crowd, by blaming America’s frustration on the very same Wall Street firms that pumped historic amounts of money into his campaign, and received handsome bailouts in return.

“Frustration” has become a big talking point for liberals.  Well, frustration is what occurs when people are subjected to situations they cannot control.  The endless expansion of government power creates more frustration, by removing individual choice.  Personal initiative becomes a moot point as power over your life recedes to the distant asphalt shores of the Beltway.  Ask a Chinese or North Korean president how much “frustration” lies further along Barack Obama’s path of state control and compulsory “investment.” 

If you want to reduce your “frustration” level, you need more economic liberty, and Obama has made it painfully clear that will never happen while he and his Party are in power.  The best way to alleviate frustration with any economic entity is to cease doing business with it.  You don’t have that option with Obama, or the cronies he forces you to subsidize.

Obama tried to posture as a man brimming with confidence in American innovation and industry, which is logically impossible to square with the behavior of his National Labor Relations Board, or his addiction to bailouts.  Confidence in the free market necessarily includes respect for its judgments of failure.

An astonishing moment came when Obama praised the horrendous Dodd-Frank financial legislation, authored by two politicians who most certainly did not “play by the same set of rules” as the rest of us.  Obama admitted that the targets of this legislation had broken no laws, but he and his Party feel their behavior was nonetheless “immoral,” and had to be punished.   Rarely has an America president offered such a straightforward argument in favor of benevolent dictatorship.  Don’t liberals usually howl at the notion of government power being used to “impose morality” on them?

Among the reasons Obama thinks Dodd-Frank and the Durbin Tax had to be unleashed on banks and their customers were mysterious rate hikes “people didn’t know about.”  That’s absolutely hilarious coming from the leader of a Party that just spent days absolutely savaging Bank of America because it had the nerve to tell its customers why they were imposing a rate hike.  Dick Durbin even gave us the rare treat of a sitting Senator telling Americans to stop doing business with a lawful private corporation guilty of no crimes whatsoever… which means he wants them to run to banks that will cooperate in hiding the rate hike his legislation just imposed.

Obama was finally asked about his Attorney General, who was just caught committing perjury, and expressed his “full confidence” in Eric Holder.  Goodbye, Eric.

Instead of watching Obama hand out “homework” assignments to reporters, I’d like to suggest one for the President.  Mr. Obama, pretend you’re being considered as the new CEO of a pizza company headed for bankruptcy, and tell us what achievements you would list on your resume, along with your exact business plan for avoiding bankruptcy.  Note: your claims will be checked for accuracy.