Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Isn't Taking Questions

This woman shows up on any media outlet that will have her, yet when someone dares to ask her a question as she enters a fat-cat fundraiser Wednesday night, watch the sneering, dismissive tone as she simply ignores the man asking the question and slinks on in party it up with rich Democrats. Savor the “how dare you ask me a question” look on her face and the eye-rolling as she keeps going. All the questioner asked was “zero jobs in August means that the economy is turning around”?

Remember, just this week she claimed the economy was turning the corner, so why is she afraid to let the public know how great we’re doing?

We are certainly no longer dropping like a rock like we were in the months leading up to President Obama taking office,” Wasserman Schultz continued. “And now we’ve begun to turn the corner.” But let someone outside the fundraiser ask her a question and you see how arrogant she really is.

She’ll probably be in a really good mood Friday when the latest unemployment numbers are revealed.

Thanks to tipster Birdie for the video.