Herman Cain Does the View


Herman Cain found himself on the stage of ABC’s The View on Tuesday, and acquitted himself very well.

Cain’s not-a-politician sincerity was very winning during the interview, as when he cheerfully admits he wasn’t big on foreign policy to start with, but he’s been studying up.  When asked which foreign countries he’s visited, he answers like a normal person would, and lists some foreign travel destinations that came immediately to mind.  Politicians carefully calculate such answers, and emphasize the world-shaking significance of each historic visit.  Try to imagine Barack Obama casually mentioning he’d visited Israel and South Africa without going into detail about how his awesome presence had affected the people of those storied lands, and how the weight of their history had affected him personally.

The audience reacted well to Cain’s presentation of his business resume.  It’s interesting to note that, of all the candidates, Cain is the one who most consistently sounds like he’s applying for a job.  He did a great job of expanding upon the “president of a pizza company” narrative, reviewing his executive qualifications in great detail, and bringing up his experience with both the Federal Reserve and the Department of the Navy.  As for Godfather’s Pizza, he had a killer line: “They were supposed to go bankrupt, but I didn’t get the memo.”  Not a bad slogan to bring into the post-Obama White House.

The issue of Cain’s swift and intemperate reaction to Rick Perry’s Rock of Rages is brought up, and Cain doesn’t waste a moment dancing around it: he said he had a visceral reaction to the story, and still thinks it was “insensitive” to leave the rock unpainted for so long, but he listened to the Perry camp’s response, and “I accept that… I do not believe that that represents how Governor Rick Perry feels about black people in America.”  It doesn’t really get him off the hook for being suckered by a flimsy Washington Post hit piece, but he’s forthright about putting the story to bed.

The moment inevitably comes for Joy Behar to once again prove she’s a complete idiot, in the midst of Cain’s discussion of his outreach to the black voters he calls “brainwashed,” by blurting out, “The Republican Party hasn’t been ‘black friendly’ over the many centuries in this country.”  Hmmm… which party did Barack Obama say Abraham Lincoln founded, again?  Savor a certain View co-host’s visible struggle to restrain herself from calling Behar a moron on the air.

A thought that jumped out at me during Cain’s able presentation of his “999 Plan”: why is he the only one who talks of “imposing” taxes, even when referring to his own plan?  That is the correct term, but you rarely hear Democrats, or even most Republicans, use it.

In the midst of a scrum over his views on abortion, homosexuality, and his background as an associate minister, Cain declares, “I am going to make my decisions based upon the Constitution of the United States of America.  That’s what the President has a responsibility to do.”  Whoopi Goldberg observes that Obama said the same thing, although her tone doesn’t suggest she views this point as devastating sarcasm. 

Of course, it is devastating sarcasm – the perpetrator of ObamaCare is currently ripping into disobedient businesses and sneering about their supposed “right” to make a “profit,” while assuring us he made “a good bet” on Solyndra – and it highlights the challenge facing Herman Cain.  Everyone says they’ll govern according to the Constitution.  He wants to convince us he’ll be the first President in generations who really means it.  Hopefully he’ll ignore the memo that America is supposed to be dead as a great power, with Obama socialists serving as our pall bearers, but he’ll get the much more important memo issued by the Founders in 1787.