Harry Reid Blocks Republican Attempt To "Pass This Bill???


President Obama has become a national joke by robotically chanting “Pass this bill!” at every public appearance… even as members of his own party run for the hills to escape even the slightest association with his tax hikes and irresponsible spending.  The Pass This Bill Act still doesn’t have any Democrat co-sponsors in the House, but Obama hilariously rails at House and Senate Republicans as “obstructionists.”

In the Senate, Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to hold a vote on the Pass This Act… prompting Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid to block the vote.  As reported in The Hill:

In a lively spat on the Senate floor Tuesday, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) attempted call up President Obama’s jobs plan for an immediate vote in the upper chamber. 

However, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who supports the legislation, blocked the vote.

Reid used a procedural maneuver called “filling the tree,” which allows the majority leader to say a piece of legislation has had all of its possibilities for amendments.

McConnell had tried to offer the president’s job package as an amendment to the China currency legislation, which was being debated in chamber. By “filling the tree,” Reid blocked that move.

“What I am trying to do here today by requesting this vote on the president’s jobs bill … is to honor the request of the president of the United States that we vote on it now,” McConnell said. “He has been asking us repeatedly over the last few weeks that we vote on it now.”

“I think the president of the United States, whose polices I generally do not support … is entitled to know where the Senate stands on his proposal that he has been out talking about … and suggesting that we are unwilling to vote on it,” he said.

Reid called the move to “vote with no debate on the President’s jobs bill” – which is exactly what Barack Obama has been stridently demanding – a “charade.”

Reid insisted that the president’s demand that Congress vote on the bill “now” did not necessarily mean all other legislative activities had to come to a halt. Reid also renewed an earlier pledge to bring the bill up for a procedural vote this month.

Right away is a relative term,” Reid said. “[I] sponsored it, I am the one who brought it to the floor. We need to move to this right away … I have said I will bring it to the floor this work period.”

The Democrat Party is a long, unfunny joke.  What Reid is trying to tap-dance around is the general awareness among Democrats that the Pass This Bill Act was never meant as serious legislation, and Democrats who already know they have to run far and fast from Obama to have a prayer of re-election are not going to hobble themselves with support for $1.5 trillion in tax increases to fund another $650 billion tidal wave of slush. 

Obama proposed this legislation to give himself campaign talking points.  Every taxpayer dollar he’s wasted on junkets to push this farce is a dollar spent on the Obama 2012 campaign, nothing more.  Reid knows this, but does not like being forced to admit it.

Which is not to say that Harry Reid and his Party don’t drool at the thought of dropping tax increases on Americans.  They just don’t want to impose those hikes in a way that will leave them standing over the corpse of American business with knives in their hands.  Fox News reports on their latest brainstorm:

Senate Democrats are considering a surtax on millionaires to offset the cost of President Barack Obama’s $445 billion jobs bill, according to several party aides.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., outlined plans for a 5 percent surcharge in a closed-door meeting with the rank and file, according to participants, as Obama traveled to Texas to deliver his most caustic challenge yet to House Republicans who have not allowed a vote on the legislation unveiled nearly a month ago.

“What’s the problem? Do they not have the time? They just had a week off. Is it inconvenient?” he said in Mesquite, Texas, singling out House Majority Leader Eric Cantor for special criticism.

So, while the President abandons all pretense of actually doing his job to campaign and fund-raise, while “singling out” Eric Cantor for “special criticism” as a lazy bum for not passing the bill House Democrats treat like a leaky nuclear reactor, the Democrat who actually blocked a vote on the Pass This Bill Act holds secret meetings to plan his own, somewhat less suicidal tax-and-spend liberalism.

Remember when we were told that we should support a “balanced approach” that would use tax increases to reduce the deficit?  Only a few short months later, the Democrats are back to pushing tax increases that would fund new spending.  They’re a very old joke with a well-worn punch line.